Homecoming 250 Navy Marine Corps

Celebrating the Services Who Secured 250 Years of Independence.

Homecoming 250 will celebrate the Navy and Marine Corps 250th birthdays at their birthplace, launch the Semiquincentennial in 2025, and honor the men and women of all backgrounds who have defended America and the world for 250 years.

The Birthplace of the Navy and Marine Corps

In 1775, the Navy and Marine Corps were founded in Philadelphia and launched their fight for American independence from the Delaware River. The main celebration of the Navy and Marine Corps 250th birthdays will and should be at their birthplace – Philadelphia and the Delaware River.

Homecoming 250 is planning spectacular celebrations for the Navy and Marine Corps’ 250th birthdays.

Upcoming Events


In October 2025, Homecoming 250 will celebrate the Navy’s 250th anniversary by an unprecedented display of Navy history, gathering on the Delaware River ships representing every major war which the Navy has fought.

In November 2025, it will celebrate the Marines 250th anniversary by assembling ships with a special connection to the Marine Corps, and by recreating Tun Tavern, where the Marines were born.

Tun Tavern

These celebrations will provide exciting opening events for the Nation’s 250th, shine an early spotlight on the birthplace of our Nation, and honor the founding, history, and members of the Navy and the Marine Corps.

Homecoming 250 invites you to join us in giving our Navy, Marines, and Veterans a once-in-a-lifetime 250th celebration!