A Message from the Independence Visitor Center Corporation:

As the official visitor center of the Philadelphia region, we welcome millions of people each year, of every age, race, gender, religion, language, culture, ethnicity, ability, and orientation.  These visitors come from around the world to explore the sites where our nation was founded.  Yet, nearly 250 years later, the founding principles of equality and inalienable rights are not the reality for many citizens.  

We recognize that systemic racial inequality is still a problem.

In a dedicated effort to combat the tragedies and injustices that arise from racial inequality, we pledge to be more conscious and mindful of pursuing equality and fairness for African Americans in everything we do as an organization.  We will always strive to treat everyone equally and with respect, and extend this philosophy to our visitors, staff, partners, and neighbors.

James J. Cuorato
President & CEO