Philadelphia: The Great Experiment

"No city in America has preserved its history like Philadelphia. No city has more to tell America about history than Philadelphia." - David McCullough
This is the story of Philadelphia!

Become a Good Citizen

To maintain our form of democracy, the United States needs informed and participating citizens. This trip introduces students to citizen power through meeting people of the past and exploring the role that students can take on today.

Formation of Government

The major documents that shaped the United States government were written in Philadelphia: The Articles of Confederation, the Declaration of Independence, and the United States Constitution. Thanks to the National Constitution Center and similar organizations, there are many websites with resources for studying civics.

People and Places in Philadelphia

Philadelphia's diverse museums parallel the diversity of its population and provide bountiful teaching aids.

Making Money

Philadelphia was the first financial capital of the county. The U.S. Constitution established the minting of coins and creating of legal tender, and Philadelphia has a deep history in making money. For example, check for a "P" on your coins. Those coins were made right here in Philadelphia. Learn everything from how money is made to how it is used by the Federal government.

Ben Franklin for a Day

America's first celebrity was Benjamin Franklin, and Philadelphia was Franklin's city. Explore his home, his city, and his deeds. Even see where he is buried.

Creating a New Nation

Philadelphia is the city that forged a new nation - home to the Continental Congress during the Revolutionary War, capitol of the United States from 1790-1800, birthplace of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

American Revolution

The road to the American Revolution led in and out of Philadelphia. Take a half-a-day or whole day and explore the sites of the Continental Congress, the room where the Declaration of Independence was signed, portraits of the movers and shakers of Philadelphia in the 1770, and more.